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 Taste Fest...Recyclelodia

"Taste Fest" - Recyclelodia (Recycle-low-dee-uh) Festival.

Recyclelodia features the best vegan foods, products and services from around the U.S. There's also an all electric car show,  live entertainment, music, adult activities, kid activities, environmental film festival,  fashion show, competitions  and best of all, it's all sustainable. 


Thought being sustainable was boring, absolutely not! Come get your grub on, shopping, some of the best live entertainment, sustainable activities, fashion, music and more...what else could you ask for?

It's exciting and fun while being conscious of saving the planet and protecting the environment. 

Taste Fest Recyclelodia features an Electric Car Show, Vegan Foods and Desserts, Sustainable Products and Services Vendors, Live Entertainment, Parade, 5k run, Environmental Film Exposition, tons of activities and more.

Meet Superhero Recycle-Lynne and Friends:  Superhero Recycle-Lynne and Friends will be there to meet, greet and educate on recycling while entertaining.

Recycle-Lynne is a Superhero and she and her friends, Rita Recycle and Rachel Recycle, fight the foes that threaten to destroy Plant Earth. Meet them live and in person at Recyclelodia.

Recyclelodia is a part of an Initiative to save Natural Resources, Reduce the Carbon Footprint, Reduce Global Warming and to Recycle in a Clean Loop creating a Circular Economy.


the Superheroes

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Recycle Lynne
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Recycle-Lynne Theme Song
Meet the Crew

Brought to you by: Poshabilities a 501c3 nonprofit

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